What is 3d mattress material?


3d mattress material is the only mattress that can be cleaned. It is easy to wash and dry. The water flows for one second. It takes away all the dirt. The bacteria and mites are difficult to breed. The six sides are ventilated with 4000L/ double-sided mesh. The air and water are freely circulated. The hot and cold micro-circulating air layer keeps a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

The difference between latex mattress and palm mattress

The most important difference between latex mattress and coir mattress is the material. Since it is a latex mattress, we know that the material used is definitely the top latex material. Latex is made from natural milk collagen juice. After long-term processing, it forms a kind of material with excellent elasticity and excellent air permeability.

Hardness degree

The first things to consider when choosing from http://www.bestmattress-brand.org is of course its hardness and practicality. In this respect, what is the difference between our latex mattress and coir mattress? The natural coir mattress is made from the cellulose of the palm tree. It is environmentally friendly and safe. It has very good comfort and practicality, but its hardness is relatively high. Some friends who are used to sleeping in a soft bed may not feel suitable.

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses are classified according to the type of spring mattresses. The spring mattresses on the market are mainly independent spring mattresses. A single independent spring is sealed in the fiber bag and then arranged and bonded into a bed net.

Jade mattress

According to the natural jade pieces of the same size, the jade mattresses are arranged neatly on the bedding. The jade pieces are fixed on the mattress leather by glue or mesh, and the jade is heated to release the far infrared rays to the human body. This can accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism.


Latex mattresses are used by most people. Latex mattresses are suitable for most consumers. There are still a small number of people who are allergic to natural latex materials, so this type of person is not suitable for latex mattresses. Like coconut palm mattresses, their hardness is good. The 3d mattress is composed of double-sided mesh and intermediate connecting wire. The main component is polyester fiber. The polyester fiber is non-toxic and odorless to the human body, environmentally friendly and non-irritating.